Literally Stories – The Anthology -Literally Stories.

My praise and congratulations goes to the team at Literally Stories for the launch of their new and first book, which provides a show case for the site.

The perception of what is considered as quality literature compared to popular fiction is a theme that is frequently debated by academics in the field.  Particularly so when a judgement has to be made towards awarding any substantial prize to the author.

With short stories in my view it is easy to determine the difference. A story that takes a snap shot in time of the human condition, generally without any plot, could be considered as a literary portrayal of the event. Whereas, and this is my opinion, a short story that has a plot and a conclusion is complete and may be erroneously put into the popular fiction pile. However, the greatest quality of any short story is the value of enjoyment received by the readers and their resounding thoughts, which remain with them long afterwards.

Each story in the ‘Literally Stories -The Anthology’ reflects the individual author’s world view and the quality is left for the reader to decide. There is no prevailing theme and each has to be read as a stand alone presentation. Of course you have to read the book to form a judgement on the stories, I have read them, and my thoughts for each are recorded on their web site.

I would recommend you read and decide accordingly.



2 responses to “Literally Stories – The Anthology

  1. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. We would love the anthology to do well and raise lots of lovely money for The Book Bus and give our wonderful authors some well deserved exposure.


  2. Thanks for this enlightening piece, James. I will pass it on. I am thrilled to have my copy of the Anthology and am buying several copies for friends and family. My thanks to everyone at Literally Stories. June

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