Ford Anglia – my first car.

Ford Anglia 002

I spotted this car somewhere in Wiltshire recently and almost burst into tears.

My very first car was a Ford Anglia, which I bought in 1973 for £90. I had it for two years and it was a delight to drive. I remember watching ‘Z -Cars’ a 1960’s TV Police Drama series where the patrol car was a Ford Anglia.

There were two engine versions 989cc and 1200cc, I recall. My log book recorded my car as having the smaller engine, but when I went to replace parts I discovered to my delight I had the larger engine. (more powerful!)

Being able to strip and assembly the engine and other parts of the vehicle was one of the delights of this car. Replacement parts were affordable and I was able to maintain and also respray it back to its original colour of aqua blue. Or was it sky blue?

I sold the car after two years of fun as life took me abroad where I drove a trusted old Land-Rover. (trusted as best it could be). Until a friend while driving the vehicle wildly over a sandy road violently hit the ground and broke the half-shaft.

Wild days.

2 responses to “Ford Anglia – my first car.

  1. Isn’t if odd how very attached we become to our “first” can you imagine this though Brian Blessed was in Z cars! he used to drive around in one of those – Crikey


  2. Very enjoyable true car story! Still smiling! June


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