The Day of The Fox

Yesterday through the train window I saw a fox sniffing along the tracks in Glasgow. I was reminded how adaptable these animals are to their environment, and below I have added a piece I wrote a few years ago.

fox free pic21103 180

The Day of the Fox.

As darkness slides over the land and lies
My hunger rumbles and my stomach cries
With salivary thoughts slipping down my throat.
It’s time to ruffle up my thick red coat.

From my country home, my hidden lair
I creep into the urban jungle
Fearless of the dangers lurking there
Where dogs and cats with people mingle.

Silently sticking to the shadows
Cautiously creeping in the dark
Watching out for cats and dogs
Rapidly running across the park.

Ears pointing forward, ears pointing back
Listening to the howling of the mingle
Slowly sneaking and avoiding the pack
Sniffing searching in the lighted jungle.

Crashing the bins, searching the waste
Snatching at the tasty morsels
Gulping mouthfuls in a frenzied haste
Sneaking off with a half a chicken torso.

Safe in the woods my familiar place
There’s a female scent drifting in the air
I sense a wanton hunger in her trace
And for her favours I have a bone to share.

Returning quick to my hidden den
I snuggle in my warm red coat
Dreamy resting safe again
As the morning light rises over the moat.

2 responses to “The Day of The Fox

  1. This is a wonderful poem, James! Why isn’t it on Shortbread Stories?Some readers are searching for poems like this as entertainment and therapy for various senior groups. One of mine, “The Royal Frog,” went up 100 hits in three days when word spread. Have any more? Best, June

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