Publisher Rejections

I must admit I smiled as I read all about J K Rowling’s rejection letters from publishers. Mostly I can imagine, had she not successfully published we would never have had the privilege to know. Surprised! Well I think most aspiring writers are more than aware of rejections slips, and they are the lucky ones who at least receive acknowledgement. It seems to be part and parcel of the business, either you are a saleable author or else a struggling writer.

I have had quite a lot of rejections for my work, clearly it is awful although no one will admit it but me. But it is not the rejection that matters to me, because importantly I enjoy what I write and do. Is that not the most essential point of life?



4 responses to “Publisher Rejections

  1. I count my rejection letters as another step forward. Apparently I’ve taken quite a few steps forward, and I’m sure many can relate. But I agree – do it because you love it, and because you have things to write… Best!

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  2. You’re 100% right about happiness being the most important thing. The lives of many famous writers tell a sad story. Always, June


  3. Yes, James, that is absolutely the most important part of life. So many famous writers have been miserable alcoholics. Stay happy! Always, June


  4. I think you have hit the nail of the head. You have to enjoy it first and foremost – Once it becomes a chore I think you might as well take up fishing instead. I don’t think rejections are necessarily directly a result of the quality of writing I think it is often just that the piece is in the wrong place at the wrong time. You just have to keep on trying but I think that also means being honest about what does and doesn’t work and read, read, read. – Though I know you do that already. It’s all experience isn’t it.


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