If I won the Lottery.

A whimsical piece of writing, for your entertainment.


What to do If you win.

Mary was sitting on a picnic blanket in the garden arranging her doll’s hair. She held the doll up to her ear.

‘Jessica says she likes the sunshine,’ Mary said and pulled a ribbon from the doll’s ponytail. ‘She wants to go to the beach.’ She looked up at her father who was reading.

‘Quiet lass, I’m busy,’ John, her father, said with a grunt and shook the Herald onto a new page.

‘We could build sand castles and Jessica says she wants a go on a donkey.’ Mary continued to brush the doll’s hair.

John stroked the wisps of grey over his baldness and dropped the newspaper onto his lap. ‘Well you can tell Jessica, if she doesn’t eat her sandwiches she’s not going anywhere.’ He stretched out his legs, lifted the paper and thumbed it open.

‘Oh dad! I don’t like tomatoes, they’re yucky.’

The garden gate squeaked open and a man walked in towards them. He had a cigarette hanging from his mouth and wore a paint stained Arran sweater that had tattered woollen threads hanging from the sleeves.

‘Uncle Bob.’ Mary jumped to her feet and ran to him. ‘Can you take me and Jessica to the beach?’ She grabbed hold of his hand. ‘You can watch the seagulls and Jessica wants to go for a swim.’

‘Aye,’ he said and sat down on a wooden bench. ‘Hi John, there’s still no sign of my pigeons, you know, Pearl and Oyster Blue.’

‘Uncle Bob, you can watch them fly over the sea at the beach,’ Mary tugged at his hand.

‘Aye,’ John said and shook the Herald up in front of his face.

‘Come on Uncle Bob, we can have ice cream.’

‘I put new rings on them last week, bloody regulations. They all require an international number.’

‘Aye’ John said and turned the paper over.

‘Cost a fortune, anybody would think you’d have to win the lottery to keep racing pigeons these days.’

‘If I won the lottery I’d buy a beach.’ Mary said and chuckled. ‘What would you do Uncle Bob?’

‘If I won the lottery, lass, I would build posh pigeon coops along the cliff tops and have a big house with a glass balcony where I could sit and watch Pearl and Oyster Blue fly about.’

‘I would travel the world.’ Mary giggled.

‘Daft lassie.’ John snapped the paper over to a new page.

‘Where would you go, lass?’ Bob said and lit another cigarette.

‘I would go to Manchester to visit Gran.’ Mary held Jessica to her ear. ‘Jessica wants me to take her to China, that’s where she’s from.’

‘Travelling, aye I might do that.’ Bob blew a cloud of smoke into the air. ‘Hoy John, what would you do if you won the lottery?’

‘Me.’ He drop the paper onto his lap. ‘If I won the lottery, I’d disappear and you wouldn’t see hide nor hair of me.’

Uncle Bob winked at Mary who held Jessica to her ear.

‘Dad,’ she said and smiled, ‘Jessica says that she really hopes you win.’


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