Copyright Infringment.

Well I never! I Googled ‘The Case of The Mahjong Dragon’ during a moment of distraction to discover that – were offering my book for free in pdf, ePub and ebook formats.

I had to laugh, at first, as I considered; why they thought this was worth their effort? Great comments like, “wtf this great ebook for free” and “I got my most wanted eBook” and “It’s very easy to get quality ebooks”. 29 comments in all apparently, that is more than the book reviews received on Amazon.

Should I be flattered?

Of course all these comments have been generated to get you to disable the ADblock Download link  on the site. (Don’t).

If only I could work out how to turn this infringement to my advantage, as I don’t have the legal punch that perhaps the big publishers have.  However, the publicity would be a great asset, but to be honest I don’t think it will go any further.

I have offered the book for free on Amazon on a few occasions and it does get attention and attract readers, I can only trust they enjoyed the book for its entertainment value.

My response is just to keep writing and let the readers come, they are obviously working for free as well.


3 responses to “Copyright Infringment.

  1. I agree Diane about it not really worth the stress, it is not as if my book is a bread winner. I honestly feel happy about the attention no matter how obscure it really is. It is certainly fun and a earning process.


  2. Good grief! But at least you’ve had some action. My 21 books and plays on Kindle have gotten less and less readers (111) over the four years and now I expect three freak sales this year if I’m lucky. At 99 cents, they are too cheap to be taken seriously I guess. A few have been returned but I’m glad they got read. My attention has gone elsewhere! Your response to this infringment is perfect. Keep writing. Best always, June

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  3. I think we have all experienced this – some of them are genuine and re-direct buyers to Amazon and so you do receive your royalties, unfortunately so many of them are just nasty sites with the aim of interfering with unsuspecting computerers! I do feel that most of us have books that are so very reasonably priced that surely most sensible people will go to the main outlet and as you say the publicity would be useful!! 🙂 I know some writers have gone to great lengths to fight this but to be honest I just don’t think it’s worth the stress. A bigger threat is true plagiarism, I have heard recently of a writer whose actual writing was stolen and published as the work of another person – now that really would upset me.

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