Post Mortem

I came across this short piece in the archives of a fellow writer. The sentiment of her poem illustrates the frustration I feel when my written words do not fully express what I mean.

Post Mortem. By Jan Train

After I die;

With the original incision

The pathologist will remove from my throat,

A piece of prose.

The object of my indecision.

Then he will pontificate the cause of death

To be

The failure to communicate.

Or later he may remark to a colleague

In a conversational way,

“I think she was strangled by something

she was trying to say”.



2 responses to “Post Mortem

  1. Wow. I’m sure we all have that feeling at times.


  2. James, this poem is nothing short of … magnificent!
    I’m glad I thought of the right adjective before I strangled myself.
    Thanks tremendously for sending it. June


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