Six Word Novels-Three Novels

Misc June 15 009

“Now look what you’ve made me do – Stanley!”

Three novels this week ; wedding off.

Which one is really a 6-word novel within Ernest Hemingway’s definition, and which are just one-line headlines?


Incontinent celebrity’s injunction; media leaks out.


Mountain mystery bus tour is suspended.


Manic suicide bomber survives heart attack.



2 responses to “Six Word Novels-Three Novels

  1. I have to agree Diane, the headliners only attempt a play on words.
    I think to weave a story in six words you need something deeper to invoke an emotional epiphany, a sense of awe and a resounding bell in the readers mind. It’s not what is said but what a reader can imagine, and discover there is more than one possible conclusion.
    Must try harder, thanks for commenting.


  2. The middle one is the story because it gives you enough information to fill in the blanks and weave a mystery and a murder etc. the other two are, in my humble opinion, just headlines – statements of fact rather than titillating hints of fiction.


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