The invisible writer.

Here are some notes from a writer’s class I attended. (Perhaps I need to trust my confidence in writing)

Author Intrusion.

The author intrusion, a favourite technique of the Victorian novelists as they address the ‘dear reader’, is considered, I am informed, as old fashioned in modern fiction. In the early twentieth century it tended to be a technique used to educate or persuade the reader of the author’s view either for political or religious purposes and masquerading as subtle propaganda. This would be deliberately invasive in the story through the various characters to influence the reader. At times a complete portion of exposition would detract from the main story to get the author’s didactic views exposed to the audience. These methods were deliberate and were an accepted format and mostly obvious to the readers.

However, in modern fiction there are tendencies of carelessness by authors, which are particularly intrusive and cause people to stumble as they read. This interferes with the literary trance readers may have, as they are completely engrossed with the character’s predicament. Then, an aside or overly explanatory sentence may suddenly seem out of place or else overstate the obvious, spoiling their enjoyment.

Some of the unintentional author intrusions arise from:

             Telling things the character could never possible know.

             All characters sound the same.

            Paying too much attention to the setting and forgetting the story.


            Putting the cart before the horse.

Or worse – repeating information laboriously in dialogue, for no other purpose than to be certain the reader understands.

I am advised to become an invisible author.

Invisble Writer 2

My Invisible Self

Sky as blue as a summer sea

And weather blowing oven heat

Turning leaves on autumn trees

To form inspirations and wind

Thoughts floating through the mind

Of the anonymous invisible writer.



4 responses to “The invisible writer.

  1. Wise advice – I bleed into my stories far too often and it’s neither pretty nor clever 🙂

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  2. i think we should all strive to become invisible in our stories, it’s about the story not about us. Yes,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beyond marvelous. Perfect verse to go with that awesome picture. Still smiling. June

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beyond marvelous! Perfect verse to go with an awesome picture! Still smiling. June


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