Photo-Challenge – Fruit

Red Ripe Rowan Berries


In My Garden.

See how ripe the rowan berries are

Red as your glossy lips last night

And they taste like your colourful words

So bitter.

14 responses to “Photo-Challenge – Fruit

  1. Nicely done, and a super image as well. I love to watch the blackbird when the berries are ripe.

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  2. I like this one James. Reminds me of a currant bush in my backyard from which I made the tastiest jelly. Sweet on the lips.

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  3. Brilliant! Love this one James. Great picture and great words to match – a whole lot of story in just four lines.

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  4. I remain awed. What a book you will be having! June


  5. Brilliant!

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  6. I have been commenting under comments and you may have missed mine. Anyway, every one of them is superb and I know you will have a fantastic book of your awesome poems and pictures. Best, June


  7. Great choice of fruit!! Lovely image of these Rowan berries!

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  9. Fantastic photo and poem. Thank you! Many blessings ❤ Debbie

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  10. Your words and photo complement each other perfectly.

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