Three Line Tales – Cultured Hands


Three Line Tales – Only 100 words.


Photo by Alex Hockett

Visual art is symbolic of who we are,
and like our human souls there is eternal value,
in the preservation of our skin.

Why not read my latest short story published today?

Forked Tongue

9 responses to “Three Line Tales – Cultured Hands

  1. Neat poem and picture. Needs to hang in a tattoo parlor. Best, June


  2. A very ingenious telling. 😉

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  3. can’t tell from this whether you approve or not. “the preservation of our skin” – does inking preserve our skin or does it preserve who we were at the time when we had it done? Great image.

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    • Sometimes I surprise myself with the ambiguous nature of my short bursts. I was thinking on the lines of what a shame it must be, art in the form of paintings are kept for as long as possible, while tattoos are buried with the owner. Now don’t think too deeply on this – imagine – “He had such wonderful tattoos that I had to have him skinned and stretched in a frame”.
      Now this is turning into a brief horror story.


      • I’ll bet you there are cultures that do that and to be absoloutely honest – well let’s just say I wouldn’t be horrified – well maybe a teeny bit


  4. Forked Tongue was very compelling. Well done.

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  5. The Poetry Channel

    Hello, James. Youu recently contributed a poem to the #PoetsforPeace collaboration. An online magazine liked the spirit of the collaboration, and asked to publish it. We need your permission to include your poem.
    To give permission, please email: your name, and general location (city/state/country) and the ok. You can also leave it in comments on my blog, or tweet me @InZanesBrain or comment on where the collaboration was compiled
    Thank you. Peace,


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