Spirits in the Forest

Photo Challenge – Spirits in the Forest.



Tuesday Photo Challenge -The Path

Our love began here in this dense forest
among the newly planted saplings,
in a springtime full of joyous woodland spirits.
And over the years our love had grown
as strong as the trees, and warm as this moss,
where I now sit listening to  your gentle voice
floating in the wind, that whispers through the leaves.

I had held your hand as life slipped away like sand,
and you travelled on to the journey’s end.
In your bright eyes I saw the trees calling me
into our forest for solitude and peace.
So I am not alone, because on this warm moss
where we sit, I can hear your gentle voice
floating in the wind, that whispers through the leaves.


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14 responses to “Spirits in the Forest

  1. A outstanding read. I enjoyed this one. Sea, lake and forest. Positive place to read, write and think.


  2. Beautiful poem and photo …………. love the dogs too 🙂


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  4. Enchanting and bittersweet piece with such rich imagery.

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  5. Absolutely stunning poem! Love where you took this inspiration and the path you created with it!


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  6. This was meaningful to me…I grew up in a lovely forest and found love there…thanks.

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  7. This is so deeply moving, and your imagery is amazing. You’ve reached in and allowed us to see a facet of your soul, it is very beautiful. Thank you so much for this great poem.

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  8. Beautiful! June
    no commas:
    saplings in
    alone because
    sand and
    wind that

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  9. Lovely – full of love (pssst teeny typo there in the second verse!)

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