Three Line Tales – Mojito Sting

Three Line Tales


Photo by Wolf Schram

Mojito Sting.

‘Oye que bola,’ she sipped mojito in the Bertolt Brecht bar, hustling canasta. I had a sure winner and dropped in my Chevrolet keys. She turned a full house. ‘Want to come for a ride?’ She laughed. At the beach in the back seat, was I lucky or being screwed for my car?


I have added a short story from my collection The Listener.


6 responses to “Three Line Tales – Mojito Sting

  1. pithy sharp and amusing. I liked this. You captured the tone very well.

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  2. Very good, James.

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  3. Loved it! June


  4. Who cares as long as everyone is having a good time. 🙂

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  5. Great tale, great title – job done I’d say!

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