Three Line Tales – A New House.

Three Line Tales – A New House.


Photo by Andrew Neel via Unsplash

Lost in the dark, cold, damp caves. A dragon screeches loud from above.
‘Tim, Tim… Come on… out the cellar now… it’s your bedtime.’
Hot chocolate and dreams of tomorrow’s plans; the jungle in the attic.


9 responses to “Three Line Tales – A New House.

  1. ah the innocence of playtime. I do hope there are still children who have that delight rather than the electronic world.


  2. I can’t stop smiling. This was beautiful!

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  3. Interesting! Well done for the picture! 🙂

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  4. An exciting adventure awaits.

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  5. Children’s Dreams…lovely.

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  7. The wonder of a child’s imagination! You’ve expressed it so well.

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  8. Ah, those sweet childhood memories. How real the fantasies were. You described it very well.

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