Life’s Neglected Past

Three Line Tales. Life’s Neglected Past.


Photo by Sean Tan via Unsplash

Our sunshine filled childhood days, we ran and splashed, swimming in the lake.
Those dream filled teenage years promising, as we sat dangling our wet feet.
Years gone, but have we become so dull and grey? Let’s leap naked into the deep.


18 responses to “Life’s Neglected Past

  1. Yes, let’s. The words “Danger, Deep Water” always make me feel like that.
    A few years ago I lived near a lake which we named Danger Deepwater, becaue of the sign posted next to it.
    A beautiflly written three-liner which conjures up so much more than the written words.

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  2. I love the idea of leaping naked into the unknown….love it!

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  3. We never have to become dull and grey (at least not on the inside). Beautifully written.

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  4. I love the attitude this expresses….if you can…just plunge right in and enjoy life to the fullest. Age, after all…is just a Number! 🙂

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  5. Love write in 3 lines. Brought me back in time and back to today.

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  6. Simply beautiful!

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  7. This was sweet, makes me remember my carefree childhood days which I seem to want to recapture more of now as I get old and grey. Not dull yet though. Lovely piece.

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  8. That’s lovely James – a sweet reminiscence of times past and a hope to recapture that simple joy in the present. A sweet and hopeful take on the prompt – unlike many dark turns many of us have taken this week 🙂

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  9. Lovely piece James – I particularly like the last line. The sentiment of it is something I can relate more and more to with each passing year.

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  10. Great – I love the uplifting and hopeful ending

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