Dream Lover

Dream Lover – Three Line Tales


Roman Kraft via Unsplash

My dreams of you are beautiful, and in mornings I wake shivering in cold fear.

I know you are watching me and today you’ve made your feelings very clear.

Choking and claustrophobic in this café, as my dream lover – a stranger – is near.

7 responses to “Dream Lover

  1. Oooh that’s actually rather spooky.

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  2. Danger disguised as harmless beauty – love this darkness in such bright places. BTW – not connected wit the TLT but I noticed your home page photo with the dogs – and the no leads on the dead body – are they yours? I shelter strays till they go to new homes and love dogs – those guys look so cute posing like that!

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  3. Dream Lover is wonderful, both verse and picture. No surprise, all your poetry is awesome and your pictures are a perfect match. June

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  4. Intense, with a touch of madness.


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