On a Wing and a Prayer

Three Line Tales – On a Wing and a Prayer


Over the world and in peace, feeling the quite serenity
of flying and softly floating free from earthly responsibility.
But all too soon, we’ll land on the insecure realities of insensibility.

5 responses to “On a Wing and a Prayer

  1. Very good. You have made it sound rather glamorous whereas we all know it’s more about dehydration, feeling gurrby and having your seat back kid by the little sod behind you. Ah, if only fiction and life were interchangeable.

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    • Got it! Diane, the back of seat kicked by an excited child, what about the large drunk or the person who thinks you need to know all about their reason for travelling. But generally I enjoy flying – the 36 hrs to the Falklands was not one I would repeat, but then I had too to get home again..waah!.


      • five sometimes six hours to the Middle East with a plane full of gassy Arabs is enough for anyone, but then we did it over and over an over – Mind you the one time I did it in BA First class was pretty special! Ah how the other half live.


  2. Loved it as well as the perfect picture.

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  3. I really like this phrase: “insecure realities of insensibility”.


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