Drifting in Time

Drifting in Time.100 Word Wednesday


Image by Sandra Jane

My relief; we made it back to the docks. Exhausted, I’ve been rowing with the current ever since the Meridian sank. When? How strange that the harbour is in a dilapidated state and abandoned, all in a space of one week. I sense an eerie chill, of being observed, that bristles the hairs on my neck. This is no welcome and this is not home.

I nudged Holmes awake from his sleep, he is delirious due to his allergy to sunlight and I note his aversion to physical exertion, except puffing of hashish from his pipe. Well, Watson, he had said before we sailed, if I can’t get the true elixir then this potpourri will suffice.
‘We made it Holmes,’ I shouted, glad to be alive.
‘Yes,’ he said and sat up in the boat for a better look. ’We are indeed here, but at the same time we are not.’ He grabbed at his pocket watch and checked the hour. ‘Oh! What year is this? Ah! Doctor, yes yes how very clever.’
‘What!’ I didn’t get his demented drift. ‘Clever?’
‘Oh yes, the Doctor is afoot.’ He grinned. ‘Let’s tread with care.’
‘Precisely, Watson. The Time Lord himself.’

8 responses to “Drifting in Time

  1. Oh what a tangle doctors galore! 🙂

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  2. Ah my two favourites – Sherlock and The Doctor. Nicely spun.

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  4. A different take…loved it…

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  5. Interesting perspective — thank you for joining us again this week 🙂

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  6. One of those great little pieces that nags at your brain – so I guess it’s useful there is more than one doctor in the house! Interesting read as always James

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