Black Coffee

Back Coffee –100 Word Wednesday; Week 23


Image Credit Jesse Williams

Black Coffee

Of all the off beat diners in town Alma picked my haunt, Pearl’s.
‘Discrete,’ she said, ’not in our neighbour-hood.’
Yea, she’s a dame all right, black coffee, eggs over easy with chilli wings.
Seated with her long stocking legs swinging, I know her type, a Dillinger inside her garter.
She nodded at the papers and photo on the bar, then offered to buy me a coffee. How sweet.
‘Just sign.’ she said, ‘or … she’s dead meat.’
The picture said it all; Pearl’s eyes petrified and pleading, mascara running over the taped mouth, body trussed like a turkey.
I agreed, it wasn’t a great holiday snap.
I signed, and I let my lousy wife, Alma, walk away with a million dollar settlement.
Five minutes later, Pearl came screaming in, and she levelled a .45 Magnum at my forehead.
I’ll admit, she had a point.


7 responses to “Black Coffee

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  4. Oh the horror of it all…and he likely saw it coming. Fascinating story — thank you so much for joining us again this week 🙂

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  5. This one reached favorite status!

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  6. Very enjoyable read.

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  7. You caught the mood and lilt of this very well indeed I thought. Made me laugh.

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