The Doctor

The Doctor

100 Word Wednesday – Week 28


Image by Bikurgurl

Holmes was immortal, and distraught as he felt like an inanimate antique hoarded by an impulsive collector. He was in a delirious mood and was not making sense in his drug induce daze, mumbling about eternal regeneration and the beginning with no end to an infinitive universe.
“Quick, bring some hot chicken broth,” I called to Mrs Hudson.
Holmes leapt to his feet and sprinted from the room.
’Too late,’ I shouted. Running after him, I caught up and found him in a curiosity shop.
“Watson, we are but dusty relics,” said Holmes, and he blew dark smoke from his obnoxious weed across my face.
“I wish you’d refrain.” I coughed. “Why are we here? Pottery?”
“Why does the Doctor need this stoneware from Old Kent Road?”
“A gift or perhaps an inheritance?”
“Yes, his nostalgia for all things London.”
These days, I was at my wits end with Holmes as he had become obsessed, and I often recoiled from his constant rages, madness and frustrations. He was determined to uncover the identity of the Time Lord, the imposter.
“What does this collection tell you Watson?’
“He is having guests for tea.”
“No Watson, can’t you see his next location is surely eighteen hundreds mid-west.”
“Oh, I like the flowers, a nice feminine touch.”
“Damn Watson! It is a woman!”
“About time.” I chuckled, and couldn’t imagine Holmes with a wife.
“No, no, no.” Holmes fell to his knees. “I’m now searching for an elusive woman.”
I put my hand on his shoulder to console the poor chap. I smiled.

10 responses to “The Doctor

  1. Poor old Holmes – he hasn’t heard the latest news obviously. 🙂

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  2. This is wonderful! Keep it up! June

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  3. Lots of fun to be had with this combination of characters – good to read and a joy to write I suspect!

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  4. Your stories always have a twist! Well done — thank you for joining us in Week 29 of 100 Word Wednesdays 🙂

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  5. Loved this story! This line “Yes, his nostalgia for all things London.” made me chuckle because as many fans have pointed out, the Doctor tended to have most of his adventures in London even thought he could go anywhere in time and space 😂. Have you been watching the new season with Jodie Whittaker? They finally went somewhere else on Earth, lol!

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  6. What an ingenious idea–Sherlock Holmes on the trail of Dr. Who. I have watched Dr. Who a few times but was a big fan of Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes.

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