Falling Leaves – Anthology

Final Cover Falling Leaves Three

Available on Amazon – Paperback and e-book.

Falling Leaves – Lanark Writers Anthology 2017.

I have had this mad idea of becoming a writer and so completed a Creative Writing Course with the Open University in the UK a few years ago. The fun part was meeting other inspirational people with similar ambitions and we had some great debates on the merits of writing literature.
Once the course was over I self published my preliminary work in two books, more as a test to see what I alone could achieve, rather than go straight for the New York Times best seller – at this stage. (We are all allowed to have ambitions).

Two years later (because I didn’t know they existed previously), I joined the local writing group in Lanark and discovered, although they had been together since 1994, they needed a publisher. I took on the role and have now complete three books for them, the latest is “Falling Leaves.”

I wonder if this is what I’ve become; a publisher?

Editing and proofreading are controversial issues within the group and they insist on doing their own – (try making a slight change, and – oh dear – I am left wondering, what have I done?). I relent knowing they are a wonderful bunch who are set in their ways and it is all just a bit of fun.

Falling Leaves is available in paperback (wait for the price drop) and will be out on 4th Sept as an e-book.

I will be announcing the FREE period in September so you may all have a chance to read the complete anthology at your leisure.

If anyone of you great readers wishes an advanced PDF copy and, in exchange, are willing to provide an honest review on Amazon – (One stars reviews are better than NONE), please make contact. See my e-mail address at the bottom of the Web page.

One of my favourite pieces in the collection is by Edith Ryan. “The Elephant and the Bat”

It is a love duet between Earnest Elephant and Belinda Bat. It is six verses long in free verse, below is the first.

Dearest Little Furry Creature,
It was very nice to meet you.
Could we meet again quite soon?
I think of you, I start to swoon.
I’d like to hold you on my trunk.
For love of you, I feel quite drunk.
Write to say you’ll be my friend.
My love for you will never end.

Yours, Earnest Elephant.

3 responses to “Falling Leaves – Anthology

  1. Congratulations on the new book. The cover is breathtaking and I’m sure the poems are just as wonderful. Best wishes, June

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  2. What an adventure for you. There is more to being an author than meets the eye. Publishing is a real challenge. Congratulations on your great ‘Falling Leaves’

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  3. Super stuff James – exciting times! I now know who to speak to when I finally start gathering up all my short pieces into one place!

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