Every Piece a Memory

Rochelle Wisoff- Fields.  Friday Fictioneers.


Photo by Sarah Ann Hall

Every Piece a Memory

Early morning when I am alone I think of you.
Do you remember when we argued in the flea market, and I bartered furiously to please you. My reward, a glowing smile and a hug like mulled wine on a frosty day.
You saw ‘must have bargains’ and I told you I couldn’t carry any more, you pecked my cheek. I was annoyed lugging them through the Underground. Now, every piece is a memory, each one a moment when we laughed. Each you begged for, and whether you won or lost, your collection grew with our unfathomable love.
I miss you.

16 responses to “Every Piece a Memory

  1. Heartfelt and bittersweet. I could feel the weight of the ‘must have bargains’ he carried for her.

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  2. They each knew what they wanted. Loved this.

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  3. Brava.. 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀

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  4. A lovely story of love. Well done. 🙂
    I’d use ‘any more,’ rather than ‘anymore,’ which has quite a different meaning, but it would affect the word count.

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  5. Great description of lost love.

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  6. Beautiful story! Thank you.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  7. You saw it very similarly to me. All those memories of beautiful times together and the sadness of being apart.

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  8. What a sad little story. You conjure up the emotions by identifying the significant details of each scene – just as our memory does. Kudos!

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  9. Very touching story.

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  10. This is a lovely piece of writing James. The simplicity of the ending sums up the mundane pieces of everyday life that only seem to matter when they are consigned to memory. Your line about the hug like mulled wine was a cracker.


  11. You’ve caught a true loving relationship in one little scene. Excellently done.

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  12. Awww. Well told vignette.

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