My Darling Morag

My Darling Morag – Only 100 Words


photo by Jacco Rienks via Unsplash

My Darling Morag

In a fit of magical rage, an act of indignant revenge, I cursed my darling Morag for her infidelity. I transformed my wife, whom I still love, into this docile bovine creature. She was once a beautiful red head, wild and feisty in her youth, see how she has matured to a tough and horny beast.
Each morning I stroke her head and I cringe at my rash decision – I kiss her sloppy nose and I promise, I will return to Hogwarts and complete my wizardly training.
First, I must deal with Angus. I’m thinking, perhaps a slimy fire-bellied toad.

6 responses to “My Darling Morag

  1. A witty take on the prompt!

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  2. I’m still smiling!

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  3. Great little story! Made me smile on a wet and rainy morning 🙂

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  4. Oh crikey – best not to get on the wrong side of you then!!!

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  5. Love this take on the prompt! And yes, a slimy toad seems like an excellent choice for Angus. 🙂

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