Muy Calientes

Friday Fictioneers! Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Photo Prompt – J S Brand


Es muy caliente

A hoard of Mayan treasure – so much gold. The Professor was determined to register the find, his archaeological break through.
‘Our hotel?’ The Professor said,
Yea! The Henry Berrisford, perfect.
‘Rodrigo,’ he shouted. ‘What do you think?’
‘No hay aire acondicionado en.’
‘Cool and comfortable.’ I translated.
‘Las camas están llenas de chinches.’
‘The beds are soft and clean.”
‘La comida está podrida.’
‘Delicious food.’’
‘La putas son feos y cangrejos y la gonorrea.’
Rodrigo, just shut up. ‘The service is excellent.’
Shame the Professor will die of snake bites. Tonight.
Costa Rica is not too far away.


22 responses to “Muy Calientes

  1. If it’s not snake bites, it could be food poisoning, an STD, vile bugs or sweating to death! Either way, he dies tonight… poor bugger.

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  2. The Professor should have learned Spanish.

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  3. Excellent, really enjoyed this. The Professor is a trusting fool!

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  4. Dear James,

    Gracias para las risas.



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  5. Madre mia! As a bit of a Spanish speaker I absolutely loved this. Thanks for making me smile.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  6. The “poor” translation just totally clinched this – absolutely made the story shine. And even as I’m not versed in Spanish, I could understand it clearly – so that works too. This is tongue in cheek laughing out loud good. Great fun 🙂

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  7. Twisted Humor, love it! 😎🥀😎🥀😎🥀

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  8. Hay más de una serpiente en esta historia.
    And the hotel sounds great.

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  9. Guess he thought he was safe in the midst of civilization. Modern, that is!

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  10. I took Spanish a billion years ago, but could translate easily. Nice job with that. Also, I love where you took the prompt. Fun tale, although I feel a wit bit sorry for the professor.

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  11. Aha! There’s murder afoot!

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  12. Nature can be tricky… Good story.

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  13. Beware of translators out for your gold. Enjoyed the dark humour!

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  14. Liked your tagline. Very true!

    A new blogger getting my foothold here, but not a rookie at writing. Just published by 3rd post today. Pls do visit my blog. Would be pleased to know your views.

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