A Friend in Need

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Photo by Savs

A friend in need

Diane’s right, it’s lonely on that ranch by Alpine Springs.
She couldn’t ride in her condition; on the trail rounding up wild shorthorns around Badger Creek.
It sure broke my heart to see her cry when we lost our unborn.
Where the hell was I when she needed me!
Two weeks, branding them darn bullocks.
Burned my heart beyond despair as she told me, her pretty face all gutted up.
She’s a tough one, still I guess we need to mourn.
Tobacco Joe handed me one of his retriever pups.
Hope Diane’s still home and not left for Denver.


5 responses to “A Friend in Need

  1. The use of first person POV makes this piece so powerful and poignant. Great interpretation of the prompt!

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  2. Nicely delivered last line which captures the understated emotion in this piece.

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  3. Such a fine gritty story in a few brief lines! A perfect picture as well. Awesome!

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  4. This has an excellent voice, James.

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  5. Such a gritty tale – believable. Love the puppy picture – antidote to grit !

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