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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll


Do you appreciate how I enhance your life? Providing miracles as if done by magical hands, as an unsung hero I work to deliver your dreams and sooth away the mayhem of your hopeless stress.

I’d laugh with joy and happiness as you open my gifts, and even sit up with you through the nights to nurse away your fever and flu. Do you notice?

The explosion took my leg during the marathon, but now all you see is the prosthetic and sigh with pity.

Yet, I have not changed and remain the same; your loving, unappreciated invisible man.




21 responses to “Invisible

  1. Lovely, bitter and forensic, James

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  2. Wow! One of your best! June

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  3. So sad and well written.

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  4. That is quite depressing. Ignored and unappreciated and then loses a limb…

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  5. Excellent, James. I feel so bad for him – not for the leg….

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  6. Gritty, puts my effort into prospective!

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  7. A well- crafted write. It does make me pause.

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  8. Leaves you with plenty to think about, well written and tremendously sad.

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  9. Beautiful. Heartbreaking.

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  10. Great story, I love the perspective it’s written from.

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  11. Sometimes even I feel like that – invisible. Wonderfully penned.

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  12. We all have a pity party sometimes.

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  13. This really tugs at the heartstrings.

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  14. I am thinking this is a nurse, a paramedic, a firefighter. In other words an unsung hero.

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  15. Oh this is so sad James.

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  16. Sad truth. Well done.

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  17. Such a sad fate, unappreciated and struggling only to be reduced to an object of pity. Great story.

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  18. This is beautifully written, James. You have delivered it so subtly that I’m left wondering about the relationship, if it’s a true physical relationship, and now he’s reached a point where being unappreciated has left him bitter. Regardless, well done.

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  19. I like where you took this. Away from war. Still, you kept it inside violence. Well done.

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