Nightmare in the City

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Nightmare in the City.

I am not sleeping, who does?
Robotically, I am on the train at six am, and transfer to the tube. I stop at Costa’s, the girl who serves is an Android on a vocal loop.
I sit at my station at exactly nine am.
Nothing happens.
At twelve pm the Android serves reconstituted Panini.
Nothing happens.
At five pm I catch the tube then, I am on the train again at six am.
I’m not asleep; the rat catcher won’t trap me.
The race is on and the Costa Android winks. She feeds dirty rats in the city.
Nothing happens.

14 responses to “Nightmare in the City

  1. Chilling but sadly true in some cases

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  2. So much and so little

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  3. What a horrible way to live. He will run out of energy in a matter of time, though…

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  4. Drain the swamp.

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  5. Beautifully crafted story, like a poem. Love the descriptions of robotic urban bleakness- so quietly chilling.

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  6. I love the way your sentence structure is robotic, mirroring the subject of the story. Plus the repetition of “nothing happens.”

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  7. A vivid description of hopelessness alongside acceptance.

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  8. Oh boy, that’s the difference between existing and living.

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  9. Really enjoyed the rhythm of this piece, which expresses the bleakness of being trapped in the rat race so well.

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  10. very powerful for such a few words.

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  11. Excellent write James, sounds like he has no way to get off that treadmill…

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  12. I liked the staccato structure of this piece.

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  13. Nothing happens…and time slips by. Nicely done.

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