On the Run – Scarface Mahoney

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PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio

On the Run

Scarface Mahoney packed an overnight bag and checked his passport.

No use; the airports will be under surveillance, they’ll be watching the bus station and they know where his Daimler is parked.

He searched the loft and found his old army rucksack. There was nothing for it, he would have to trek across the Rockies and escape into Canada. At least Mugs O’Reilly was still living in that old miner’s shack, he’ll hide out there and somehow; yea, somehow get to Cuba where his retirement $10 million was stashed.

He had to respect the code, he got the message – ‘grass’.



10 responses to “On the Run – Scarface Mahoney

  1. I like that you made the plants a message

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  2. Be ready for a good trek, Mahoney!
    I almost wish him luck…

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  3. Love that take on the prompt, i did not see that coming! Someone ratted him out for sure and now hes on the run. For some reason I thought he was based in Miami–is he in las vegas now, at the time of your story? Very professionally done, like a hitman. 😊

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  4. Oops i may be confusing him with another scarface. 😊And the code is clever indeed, since not all Americans know this meaning of “grass.”

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  5. I didn’t get the ‘grass’ reference either until i read the comment, but now that i do, what a clever take on the prompt. I’m not sure of the reasoning of ‘Cuba by way of Canada’, but i’m sure he has a plan to get there some how. Well done.

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  6. Cunning take on the prompt. I think he should get rid of that Daimler, too distinctive. It’s a shame Mugs lives so far north as that makes the trek much longer but somehow I don’t think Scarface’s story will be over for a good while, even after he gets to Cuba to dig up his ill-gotten gains.

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  7. Making the plants a coded warning was an excellent idea, and you’ve written the story with slick assurance. You go Mahoney!

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