Missing – A Draft Novel

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Please Note: the novel will be available as an e-book at the end of March.

Missing –Read the first chapter – here.

When Laura was three years old, she was dragged away from her garden swing and taken into care. This experience created feelings, as she grew up, of being abandoned and unwanted by her mother.

As an adult, she contacts a librarian in the village where she was born for assistance in tracing her relatives. She ignores an anonymous warning to stay away.

In Russet House, she finds photographs of her mother, and from newspaper cuttings hidden in the attic she reads about a horrific event.

Laura is shocked by the tragedy and with the help of a retired detective is determined to solve the mystery. However, their investigation unsettles those close to Laura who advise her to let the past rest.

Laura had come to Kirkindale to find her mother, instead she discovered her identity was a lie.


I have completed thirty seven chapters of the book and I am on the third editing cycle. (Will I ever finish?). The book cover is also a draft.

Comments welcome – the good, the bad and the ugly – my skin is thicker than an elephant’s.

12 responses to “Missing – A Draft Novel

  1. Sharon Frame Gay

    James, I really liked this first chapter. There’s a hint of darkness that I am sure will build in the next chapters. Already I like Laura, and I am interested in what will happen next. I understand that this is a rough draft. I did see grammar issues that I am sure you will correct as you revise and edit(I hate editing! Ugh). I like the preliminary cover, too, although I don’t like the words (“Where are you”, etc) on the cover. Would prefer to just see the title. The last sentence really caught my attention and is a precursor to what might happen next. All in all, I like it a lot, and can’t wait to see the finished product! Congratulations!

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    • Thank you Sharon,
      I’ll admit I get a bit word blind with some areas of grammar.
      I was concerned that Laura may not come across as a likeable character. You liked her so that is a bonus.
      I was aiming for 90k words, so far that has been cut back with the editing cycle. Work in progress.
      Many thanks.


  2. Sharon Frame Gay

    Editing is the worst! Even after I have published a piece, I will read it in a book or magazine and think “oh no, how could I have missed THAT?” The curse of the writer, i think! I immediately liked Laura so far. Because you had mentioned in your synopsis that she had been taken away from her family, I wanted to like her. Searching for her bear is poignant. (Hope she finds it!) It left me wanting to read more, for sure!

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  3. I’ve been watching I AM THE NIGHT on TV. It’s a series. The plot sounds very similar to yours. Good luck. June

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  4. An intriguing synopsis.

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  5. I just read the first chapter – it has a strong sense of atmosphere. Laura is an interesting, likable character who seems to rather guarded. The last line is quite a shocker.

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  6. Your premise is super interesting and promising. I checked out the first chapter and liked it! I’m eager to see the mystery unfold along with Laura. As for the book cover, I think you should only have one question above the title; two questions make the cover a tad crowded. Good luck on the editing!!

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  7. I felt drawn into the story immediately. Felt empathy for Laura, both feisty and vulnerable at the same time. I think you build up the initial narrative details quickly, which hooked my interest. Scott’s cancelling of any future bookings for his B & B opened up a sinister possibility, left hanging. I would definitely carry on reading subsequent chapters, from this introduction.
    Editing sounds like hard work.

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