Morgs are from Venus

Friday Fictioneers.


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Morgs are from Venus

The creature was here.
Malky dusted the frost from his Morg Detector.
The reading showed ten in a thousand parts of nitrogen dioxide
and traces of nitric oxide.
A trace!
Malky locked his visor, sealed his suit and turned on its heater.
His knees began to shake.
He saw the frosted roses in a vase of water pellets.
What was the Morg after?
Was this a Valentine’s gift and attempt at amorous flattery?
Or a trap.
Were there frosted chocolates?
A lyrical voice called, ‘Malky’.
His detector bleeped nitric warning.  Too late.
She was beautiful. He was frozen in love.

16 responses to “Morgs are from Venus

  1. Ah, those enticing Morgs, who can resist!?

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  2. That’s a new take on men are from mars

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  3. You’ve really gotta watch those Morgs, tricky devils 🙂

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  4. A fine chiller of a story. Remind me not to go to Venus anytime soon.

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  5. Ice Queen Morg of Mars, who’d have thought. What a fun read.

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  6. Extraterrestrial love affair. Intense but cold. Nice!

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  7. A truly different take on the prompt. Well done.

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  8. Dear James,

    A relationship doomed from the beginning. Frozen in love. Great line.



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  9. The suit, even with its built-in heater, could not protect him from the Morg’s icy charm. A fun read.

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  10. That was fun, Mars Boy.

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  11. A tempting alien… and it’s amazing to make love to an 8 armed girl…

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  12. I guess that love is not all it’s cracked up to be, unless there’s a cooling off period.
    Very imaginative. I enjoyed it.

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  13. Oh dear! Too late to run

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