The Violation of Sister Theresa

Friday Fictioneers -Rochelle Wisoff-Fields



PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot


The Violation of Sister Teresa

‘We have only one minute to reach the gates,’ whispered Angelina.
‘Take my hand,’ said Sister Theresa. ‘Am I too late?’
‘Please Sister.’ She took hold of her elbow. ‘Come on, the taxi is waiting.’
They shuffled along the path. ‘Please hurry.’
‘The little cherub is kicking.’ Theresa stopped and gasped long breaths.
‘Come on. Come on.’
The Taxi driver helped her into the car; they sped off.
Tears rolled down Angelina’s cheek.
The church doors opened.
‘You missed prayers!’ roared the Bishop. ‘My room now!’
No. I am not Sister Theresa.
She checked her chastity belt was locked.

18 responses to “The Violation of Sister Theresa

  1. I fear what will happen to Sister Theresa when the Bishop discovers the chastity belt

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  2. I really like the sense of urgency and tension that runs through the whole story. And the gradual revealing, of why the escape, then why the pregnancy. A violation on so many levels. Good writing.

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  3. A typical Bishop if this week’s stories are anything to go by. Hope it’s a good lock on that belt.

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  4. This is an evil man, and he has endless victims on which to prey. Powerful writing–stirred both dread and anger in me.

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  5. With all the revelations of abuse in the catholic church being made public now, this fits to a tee. The bishop won’t be pleased when he sees Angelina’s belt.

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  6. A powerful story. So many emotions, so much tension. Well done!

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  7. Great sense of urgency, James. Sister Angelina might have the tools necessary to set him straight….

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  8. Raised Catholic, I sometimes wonder what happened behind closed doors when I was a child. Well captured, James.

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  9. Seedy, very seedy. Story envokes negative emotion (a good story evokes emotion). Well done.

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  10. Excellent story. Too bad it comes true in our world. But then, it has most probably always been true, we just have more media coverage…

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  11. What a despicable man! Your story is a good example of showing rather than telling.

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  12. Oh no. Gosh there is deep fear here. Great tension in this piece

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