Book Trailers – Do they work?

I gave a short presentation in the Waterstones Book shop in Glasgow last Sunday. It was part of an ‘open mic’ session hosted by Indie Authors World.

In the five minutes, (actually lasted more like an agonising ten minutes), allocated I had the opportunity to present my book, MISSING, to the captivated audience.

I started with my trrailer and heard a few gasps – I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing. However everyone enjoyed the talk and said they found the book interesting. The response was honest from the peer group of budding authors, they are all nice friends.

Have a look at the ‘Book Trailer’ and tell me what you think.

MISSING – The trailer

Are these short promotional clips worth the effort?

6 responses to “Book Trailers – Do they work?

  1. The trailer is really interesting! A juicy suspense! ❤

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  2. Nice unnerving ending to the book trailer. I think a variety of book promotion is always worthwhile.

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  3. Though I enjoyed the trailer, I don’t know if it will affect sales. Having said that, I’ve been interested in the plot since I read the parts you posted on your blog some time ago. I will definitely be reading your book later in the year.


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