The Honey-Trap

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The Honey-trap

Anya was naked and walked past.
I stopped reading.
(Mrs Newsome wanted Strether to rescue Chadwick from a wicked woman.)
I was dressed when Anya emerged from the bathroom.
‘Ready?’ She adjusted her blouse.
In East-Berlin, we had met in a provocative gaze across a crowded room.
‘Will he be alone?’
‘No,’ she said. ‘My flight is tonight.’
Col Kryuchkov met us at Marx’s Tomb in Highgate, and I gave him the USB memory.
‘I love you.’ I kissed Anya. ‘Goodbye.’
The encrypted files were bogus lists of double agents.
Another time, they may return to poison me.

27 responses to “The Honey-Trap

  1. Dear James,

    Quite the tale of Spy vs spy. Nicely done.



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  2. She is playing a dangerous game. Love the spy set up.

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  3. Intriguing, I can almost see the cigarette smoke in the crowded bar in Berlin.

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  4. what a deadly game they play. it’s up for grabs what happens next.

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  5. Double agents everywhere! Sometimes I don’t know how all these people keep things straight in their heads…

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  6. Love a good espionage tale. When does he find out about the poisoned lipstick?

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    • Ah! When he opens page 100 of the book he is reading, the Novichok impregnating paper will release its poison. The book will then self-destruct. The fire in the flat will destroy the evidence and it will officially be an accidental death. Please, don’t warn him – it will spoil the surprise.

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  7. Ohh that’s a good one. I wonder what will happen if the secret is out!

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  8. I’m certain his duplicity will not go unpunished, one way or another.

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  9. I think the honey just went sour….

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  10. Games spies play! An intriguing story.

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  11. The world of espionage is a hairy one. Always having to watch your back. Somehow you gave so much detail in short sentences. Well done!

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  12. A good spy story and well written, James. You don’t mess with the Russians. They probably will kill him. —- Suzanne


  13. Love a good spy story!


  14. Cross and double cross. A great tale of spinning lies. Well fone

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  15. Yikes! That’s sort of like poking a sleeping bear with a sharp stick. I think this guy had better find a new identity 🙂

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