The Portal to the Future

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

The Portal To The Future

This building is the architectural symbolism of harmonious and cultural coherence of Earth’s civilisation, the official view.

In reality, it conceals the Portal between the present and the future.

As the guardian I hold the key.

I am tired, and before my passing, I will reveal some dark secrets; nations will disintegrate into anarchy, and great men mauled to their death. Those people trusted me with their souls, and safe-keeping of wealth stolen by their evil deeds of injustice.  They abused the power of the future.

I have locked the gates and taken the Portal with me.


15 responses to “The Portal to the Future

  1. It seems to me that’s probably best

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  2. Well that blows!

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  3. There are dire consequences for trading one’s soul for wealth and power. Justice is served… what will happen to the masses?

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  4. I hope we have time to change that future! Throw out the great men by all means but save the world for the many?

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  5. the will to survive is part of the human genes. somehow i have a feeling a few will survive. i just don’t know in what form they will evolve.

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  6. Well, that’s it then. Bye!

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  7. A bit frightening,James. The thought of it happening is very high.
    Let’s hope it stays in fiction.

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  8. For every man and woman on earth only one thing is certain
    we are all gonna die.

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  9. Before he says ‘goodbye’, sounds like he could tell us the full story, sounds like a great novel in the making.

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  10. Oooo this would make a great novel

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  11. I also feel it is better we don’t know what the future holds. When there is uncertainty, anything is possible.

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