Evidence of Generations Lost

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Evidence of Generations Lost

Grandfather died from the RAF bombing in Duisburg.
From his will, we owned the Einfamilienhaus; a ruinous shell in a wild garden.
We were delighted and began the renovation work with enthusiastic zest.
We found a painting in a secret room behind a wall. Imagine our good fortune.
“It’s a masterpiece,” the Kunthaus said. “Priceless and magnificent. Looted!”
And the skeletons?
Their descendants claimed the art and wanted retribution.
Were we to pay the price for our grandfather’s past?
Later, we discovered he had hidden and saved those poor people from transportation.
Why does thirst for revenge percolate through generations?

29 responses to “Evidence of Generations Lost

  1. Emotions like revenge or hate often persist through the generations of a family, sadly.

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    • We have something like that going on here in Ontario. A 17-year-old Ukrainian boy was forced through threats of torture and death of his family, to translate for a Nazi Death Squad. Almost 80 years later, the Jewish Council wants a 95-year-old, successful businessman who employed people, paid taxes, supported the Arts, and donated millions to charities, deported. 😳

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  2. I liked this one, James. Oh, the family secrets to be found within the walls of old houses. Back when I worked for the construction company, I used to really enjoy ripping out the old plaster lattice walls… Sometimes I found really awesome treasures and the builder said I could keep whatever I found. Some of it just brought tears… old diaries and such.

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  3. Sharon Frame Gay

    James – I really enjoyed this – you said a LOT with few words. Good job!

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  4. Working out the truth of a situation can be very complicated. Knowing who to praise and who to blame. You paint this dilemma well

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  5. Emotions run high and poor decisions are made by all. Lots of hidden secrets in this one James.

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  6. A difficult, tangled web, with no simple solution.

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  7. It looks like there’s a lot going on between the lines. I don’t think there can be an easy resolution that will make anybody happy.

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  8. it’s not always black and white. sometimes reality lies in between.

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  9. Their discovery certainly gave them plenty to think about. Nice one James.

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  10. A sad story. I wonder why greed so often brings out the worst in us? You took an interesting and potentially controversial scenario and made it work. Well done!

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  11. Generational payback. Made me think the the American families in the Appalachian wilderness, the Hatfields and McCoys. Killed each other off until only a few were left. If I remember correctly, they buried the hatchet, and two of them married 🙂

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  12. Dear James,

    The last line raises quite a question.



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  13. Greed is a horrible thing. Here he is being accused of something he did not do by folks who just want stuff that was probably given to him in thanks.
    Ugly world we live in…

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  14. A powerful story of greed and revenge. Made me reflect on the self destructiveness of revenge, Like in Northern Ireland, where grandchildren of sectarians seek revenge, long after the original event. A good story.

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  15. Well-written and thought-provoking.

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  16. Succinct and profound James!

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