Constant Itching is Misery

This week I was inspired by Stephen King’s novel Misery.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Friday Fictioneers

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Photo by Naama-Yehuda

Constant Itching is Misery.

My dermatitis was getting worse; a life of misery.
Martha, my treatment nurse, suggested an allergy to soap or detergent.
But which one?
‘I’ve read your book,’ she said.
She used solid ice cream to cool my legs – it was heaven.
‘Perhaps itching powder,’ she stated, and patted my skin dry.
She spread a foul-smelling ointment onto my chest.
‘That makes it worse. It stings!’
‘Painful,’ she said. ‘You mean like Elaine.’
‘Elaine! She is not real, it’s just a story!’
‘Maybe she is the reason for your rash.’ Martha rubbed in the gel. ‘Poor Elaine.’
‘Please stop.’ I screamed.

23 responses to “Constant Itching is Misery

  1. Ooooooo yuck! And ouch!

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  2. Oh, the horror! You’ve really brought these characters to life.

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  3. I cannot imagine if people took my stories for real… I would be in jail by now I guess.

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  4. A revisitation from Nurse Ratchet!

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  5. Love the cross overs between itchy skin treatment and the Stephen king novel – very entertaining. I met a published fiction writer on a course — she told me that readers have asked her – so you divorced your husband – no that was in the story, FICTION, I’m happily married !

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    • Yes I understand how the reader may jump to that conclusion. In one of my short stories I actually used a real situation, a problem a friend had, but fictionalised the issue – a reader to this day suspects it was about me. I won’t do that again!


  6. good story, James; loved the source material : if only Stephen King wrote more novels like ;Misery’ ; pretty good film too: Kathy Bates played the part of your Martha, I believe 🙂

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  7. it looks like elaine is one itch he couldn’t scratch. 🙂

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  8. Making a note – don’t share my writing with any care givers I may rely on in the future! Good story James.

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  9. Well, my characters seem real to me! I think he’s in a world of hurt. Very imaginative tale, James!!

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  10. Loved it. I was reminded of “The Old Man and the Sea” with its short ,discrete sentences and a great story, too. It’s like a little bite of (dark) chocolate when I don’t feel like a big slice of cake. Well done.

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  11. Dear James,

    Some readers think the book characters are real…(writers too 😉 ) Rather spooky story.



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  12. Uh huh, James, so what did you do to Elaine, hmm?

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  13. Yeek! After your intro I had a feeling it wasn’t going to end well!

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  14. Another reason to love ice cream. Itchiness is horrible.

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  15. I like the idea of the fictional world influencing the real one

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  16. An ingenious take on the prompt. Is there really a link between a mental condition and dermatitis, do you know?

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  17. Ice cream cures all ills 🙂 At least she read your book 🙂


  18. Shades of “Misery” here!
    Fun take, James! Well… maybe not so much for him… 😉

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