Author Interview – 20 Questions with James McEwan


I was invited by Lynne to take part in an 20 Question Interview.

You can read the full interview on her site Fictionophile

Please feel free to comment, if you enjoying reading my responses.


5 responses to “Author Interview – 20 Questions with James McEwan

  1. michael1148humphris

    Holmes and the doctors, what a great idea.

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    • Hi Mike, Liked your story about writing and dreams. Why build a bridge across the irish sea? they can’t even keep the Forth and Severn bridges open because of a little bit of snow and ice or high winds or somebody jumping off them to make a personal statement that no-one understands, just because she doesn’t love him any more or else he lost all his money on the races and down the boozers.
      I can not seem to leave any comments on your site!

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  2. Michael Humphris

    Thank you James. I think that it is more important to build peace and health care bridges. I do find commenting can be difficult, with the many differing systems

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