Sherlock Holmes and the Time Lord


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Sherlock Holmes and the Time Lord

‘So, it’s true.’ Watson wiped the condensation from the window. ‘The last cough of winter comes in May.’
‘The feasts of the Ice Saints.’ Holmes removed the needle from his arm.
‘One day,’ said Watson, ‘that opium will kill you, and I can’t save you.’
‘Ah Watson, I’m already dead.’ Holmes laughed. ‘Life is relative. Now, where is she?’ He closed his eyes. ‘Where! damn you woman, where?’
Watson sipped his Earl Grey and stared at the pale face of Holmes. He was delirious and mumbling on about a “Tardis” and “The Doctor” hidden beneath the Athabasca Glacier in Canada.

20 responses to “Sherlock Holmes and the Time Lord

  1. And why not, indeed? Now there would be a superhero team

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  2. Big Sherlock Holmes fan here! David Tennant was my favourite Dr Who.

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  3. I love a good cross-over.

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  4. Dear James,

    I know just enough about Dr. Who to get the Tardis reference. Only watched a few episodes back in the early 70’s. 😉 Good crossover, nonetheless.



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  5. it would be cool to have a sidekick like watson. sadly, not everyone is that lucky. 🙂

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  6. I’m sure if anyone can sort this all out, it’s the inestimable Mr Holmes.

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  7. You actually captured the characters of Watson and Holmes so well that you could ghostwrite more Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

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  8. A delightful cameo James, Watson is a brick isn’t he.

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  9. Ooooooo loved this. My two favs, the Doctor and Sherlock. Nice cross over, James

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  10. And why shouldn’t the Doctor have visited Holmes? Enjoyable crossover!

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  11. Oh, refreshingly inventive, James!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  12. “Ah Watson I’m already dead” – loved it!

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  13. What an original take, James! Love it.

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  14. good one, James; I love how you play with Holmes and the prescient references to ‘Doctor Who’

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