Selkies’ Ceremony – Return to the Sea.

Rochelle’ Friday Fictioneers.

This week I have adopted a mythical idea from Scottish folklore.

http://PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Selkies’ Ceremony – Return to the Sea.

It was the same after every ceremony, but John was glad of the work.

‘How did it go last night?’ he called into the restaurant.

‘Oh John,’ said Morag. ‘Our women were beautiful with glowing complexions and gleaming hair.’

‘Looks like a lot more kelp this time.’

‘You should have been here,’ said Morag. ‘Our families washing in on the high tide with the skins.’ 

‘I understand you leaving with work shutting down.’

‘They played the flute and lyre; so soft, so emotional. I was in tears.’

‘I’ll miss you, Morag.’

‘Aye, I am sorry, John. My ceremony’s on Wednesday.’ 


Photo from Clan Rollo

23 responses to “Selkies’ Ceremony – Return to the Sea.

  1. I’m in heaven. Another selkie story

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  2. Bittersweet farewell. But perhaps John will still keep hosting selkie ceremonies.

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  3. Lovely! Mermaid-approved! 🙂

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  4. Dear James,

    A magical story with a flip at the end. Well done.



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  5. Nice take on the prompt and the mythology.

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  6. A sad tale but beautifully written.

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  7. Aww nothing like a good Selkie story, maybe they’ll be back?

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  8. Gone but never to be forgotten. Nice one James.

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  9. nothing lasts forever, i guess. we better get used to it.

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  10. You capture the essence of the selkie myths, their mixture of joy and sadness. Lovely!

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  11. The siren at play leaving a bittersweet ending.
    Wonderfully unfolded, James. Nicely done …
    Have a great day … Be Safe
    Isadora 😎

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  12. The selkies have a wide ocean to roam in and will be safe from the virus, but what will they do about the menace of the warming waters. I wish the selkies well and hope our planet is well again one day. Very inventive take on the prompt, James.

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  13. At least they have somewhere to escape to. The freedom of the sea!

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  14. I love this take, James. There is something about the Selkies that is hard to resist.

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