Sugar is a Crowd for Salt and Pepper


PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Sugar is a Crowd for Salt and Pepper

‘I have something important­ –’
‘Not now,’ said Carolyn, and flashed her new Breitling watch. ‘Meet me at Le-Petite around five.’ She cycled away and tinkled her bell.
‘Still waiting,’ toned Maurice. He lifted my cup. ‘Another coffee?’
‘No.’ I paid him and stared out the window.
Carolyn’s Diamond watch niggled me.

We worked out at weekends in Bros Gym, where people ogled her glowing appeal.
Lately, without an explanation, she would disappear for days. No calls.
Was it my business? I dare not ask.
But today! She was never late.
I was going to New York. Would she come along?

21 responses to “Sugar is a Crowd for Salt and Pepper

  1. She might not be cheating on him, but she may be involved in criminal activities she doesn’t want him involved with. Maybe she’s a spy? Lots of unanswered questions that may call for a part 2, James. Please! 🙂

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  2. I think that a diamond watch is hard to compete against… but maybe she’s tired of “daddy”

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  3. Things don’t look good for your protagonist. We’re always the last to see the truths we don’t want to see.

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  4. They need to talk – not about anything in particular, just talk. Without communication, what have they got? (I know, a Breitling watch!)

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  5. Methinks she has other plans that don’t include him. Best he realise that ship has sailed without him!

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  6. i don’t think she’s coming. for some reasons, she seems to be avoiding him.

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  7. I don’t think she’s coming to New York 😦

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  8. Someone it seems is luring her with irresistible gifts in order to get their way. I don’t foresee a happy ending to this tale.

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  9. Just seen it, will do.

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  10. Sounds to me as if he’s better off without her!

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  11. There is a trust issue here! Lots of hidden truths. When will it come out I wonder.

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  12. Ooooo a clever one. Lots going on here. It sounds like her rich friend is sneaking around? Hope nothing happens to her.

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  13. This isn’t going to work out very well, is it? Too many unanswered questions!


  14. Dear James,

    Your tags explain it all. Perhaps he can rescue her? Or does she want to be rescued. Interesting. Your story leaves lots of questions. Thought provoking.



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