The Nurse, the Virus and the Wormhole

Many thanks to Dale for this week’s photo-prompt, which reminds me of a classic children’s story.

The halo effect around the lamp has a warm spiritual feel of peace. However, I have gone for a Sci-Fi story this week.

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The Nurse, the Virus and the Wormhole

The lamp is on as a signal that all is well.

Nurse Gladys stared towards the Milky Way, looking for the return flash of plasmatic light. She was waiting for a vaccine delivery from Anolion; shivering, she pulled her coat collar up.

Two years ago, the Anolie materialised through a wormhole to gorge on Earth’s vegetation. Unfortunately, Gladys’ sons were the first of millions to die from a virus contracted from these aliens.

The Blue-Lighted packet appeared, it contained Vaccine and Anolie eggs.

The agreement was one of coexistence and to share resources.

Gladys smiled, she loved roasted Anolie.

22 responses to “The Nurse, the Virus and the Wormhole

  1. Well, if you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em. Nice take. I love a good Sci-Fi story.

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  2. Yipes! Mutually assured destruction, just the way it is across the galaxy it seems…

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  3. Dear James,

    There’s compromise and then there’s compromise. A little salt for that Anolie, please. 😉



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  4. I feel like this is a world waiting to be explored. Good job!

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  5. Yikes. Sci-fi goes dark!

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  6. Ooooooo creepy ! Love it. A good slice of scifi this week, James!

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  7. I really like the domestic feel to these aliens from outer space and their gift to Nurse Gladys. Witty take on the current Aztra Zenika feuds.

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  8. Let us hope there is no retaliation… Can’t say I blame her!

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  9. An eggcellent take James, nice one.

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  10. Roasted Anolie would be even better with some veggies, but they ate all of those.

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  11. you always come up with something that’s out of this world. well done. 🙂

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  12. Sounds like revenge served up tastes . . . like eggs. Reparations and vaccines, now that’s a wickedly satisfactory solution. :>)

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  13. Ah… revenge is a dish best served cold, though. Excellent story

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  14. Oh! You are mean! I thought all was well right up to the last line. Well done.

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  15. Ooh, I like this. Nicely evil!

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  16. I will never think of eggs the same way again! 🙂 Great story!

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  17. An utterly wicked story. Well done!

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