Mai Lai and Nasi Goreng

Lovely picture from Brenda, I can just imagine the onslaught of cooking aroma when the alleyway is bustling with people.

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Mai Lai and Nasi Goreng

Mai Lai turned down the alley. I pulled my scarf across my face and followed her.
There was no one around to disrupt my plan.

Foreigners avoided Kai-Tok’s alleys where I had a meeting with a corrupt official.

A container ship from Mozambique was loading humanitarian supplies at the docks, and the harbour agent demanded a bribe to release the shipment.

He was waiting for us with a steaming bowl of fried rice.
My taste buds exploded.

I confirmed the export documents. Thankyou.
Then Mai Lia cuffed and arrested him.

It was the best Nasi Goreng we have ever eaten. 

28 responses to “Mai Lai and Nasi Goreng

  1. As others have noted, the ending is very satisfying.

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  2. That ending made me smile. The crook was nailed, but the MC enjoyed a good bowl of fried rice 🙂

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  3. A satisfying blend of stealth and delicious food. A well cooked story !

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  4. Dear James,

    A tasty bit of intrigue. Nicely served.



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  5. One scumbag at a time…

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  6. Lovely change of perspective at the end – a sting rather than more corruption or murder. Nicely done.

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  7. Now this is multi-tasking. 😀

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  8. Nice work – justice served up on a platter

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  9. They got their man and a nice bowl of nasi goreng! Very entertaining. I enjoyed the twist.

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  10. It’s nice to get a meal while you’re arresting the bad guys 🙂

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  11. Game, set and rice! Nice one James.

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  12. Free food is always tastes a little better. Add a heaping side of victory, and you’ve got yourself a feast.

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  13. I like this! Justice AND a good bowl of rice.

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  14. A lovely story with a fulfilling ending James.

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  15. the best of both worlds. have fried rice and eat it too. 🙂

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  16. Ha ha caught red handed ! Well done. And a good feed too that no doubt tastes better for having caught the and guy

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  17. Not all jobs come with such instant gratification. Yum.

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  18. They should have asked him where he got that rice before they arrested him. Great, satisfying ending though.

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  19. Now that’s ingratitude!

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