Vicious Nymph

This week’s photo prompt from Miles Rost encouraged my search to identify the little red/white and black bug.

I discovered it is the nymph of the Lanternfly, which as an invasive species into the US is causing damage to crops and trees.

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Vicious Nymph

Mary swiped at the nymph she missed as it took off and disappeared into the foliage below.

She believed in live and let live as every creature has a place in our shared world. Mum taught her to care by trapping the spiders with a jar and to release them safely into the garden.

She accidentally crushed a beetle as it crossed her path. Sorry! Her attention was distracted, looking for signs of lantern flies.

Tears rolled over her cheeks; this is wrong, the annihilation of a species.

They ruined her orchard.

She saw two; rushed forward and splattered them.

23 responses to “Vicious Nymph

  1. As a keen gardener, this is a debate I often ponder.

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  2. James,
    Sometimes you have to draw the line somewhere; nature’s balance depends on it.

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  3. Sometimes, you have to choose. Sometimes, the orchard wins. Fun story.

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  4. Even though it’s a matter of scale, and it takes so many more of them to equal one of us, it is a kill or be killed world that we live in. I’d love to let the beetles frolic amongst the asparagus stalks, but they are stealing my food. Die, suckas! Die!

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  5. Oooo ouch!
    Perspective. Once they injure her orchard that’s it, no mercy.

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  6. When I find spiders in the house, I gently take them up with a tissue and take them out. I guess she is thinking of the damage they had done to her orchard and that’s why she has determined to stop the invasion.

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  7. Trying to care for all of the creatures of the world is difficult business! Not all should be, though! So many invasive species are introduced to fix one problem only to have them wreak havoc of another sort!

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  8. In situations such as this, I’m pleased I’m not a vegan!

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  9. I’m like that. I escort insects outside as gently as possible, but the red ants taking over the yard can all die.

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  10. Yes, it’s easy to make a moral choice when one feels safe and secure, but not so much when feeling threatened. Nicely done. (I came across a card the other day with a message: The person who said ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ obviously never lost track of a spider in the bedroom!)

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  11. I can relate to the feelings. I try to safe spiders, earth worms, beetles… but when it comes to mass infestations: splat. At least she isn’t using pesticides.

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  12. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

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  13. Dear James,

    Sometimes the end justifies the means. A spider might have its place in the universe but if I find her in my house…splat. Nicely done.



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  14. Your story nicely illustrates the truth that upholding ideals always comes with a cost. Mind you, sometimes not upholding an ideal also comes with a cost – think climate change…

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  15. Sounds like me; sending the bug invaders on a one-way ocean cruise. 😉

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  16. Interesting. Moral choices are not as simple as just applying a template

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