The Well of Eternity

This week’s Friday Fictioneers’ photo-prompt takes us for a stroll through the woods, and we discover an abandoned cabin covered in moss. Interesting.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Alicia Jamtaas

The Well of Eternity

There it is, “Die Quelle der Ewigkeit.”
Mary looked at John, his eyes ablaze with excitement.
One mouthful of the water in the hut ensures eternal happiness for life.

They bumbled around these woods for days, searching for the mythical source. 
She gritted her teeth. She expected a romantic weekend, perhaps even a proposal. 

John scooped up a handful of water, refreshingly cool, gasped, choked, and dropped onto his knees. ‘Mary.’
Her mother’s warning sparked Mary’s thoughts. “He’s a lunatic.”

Panic battered her heart.
No! she screamed and pointed at the sign.

John gasped for breath, collapsed, and died. 

38 responses to “The Well of Eternity

  1. Oh, dear, what an unexpected end for him.

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  2. Uh-Oh! I want to know what that sign says!!!!

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  3. Always read the fine print, there is always a catch. Intriguing story.

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  4. I would be leery of such promises… unfortunately he paid the ultimate price. Now, Mary, take your time and find your way out!

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  5. A very imaginative take on the prompt. What a silly boy John was! I hope Mary remembers how to get out of the woods.
    BTW did you intend any reference to Warhammer games? All the references on Google seem to refer to that for Die Quelle der Ewigkeit

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    • Hi Penny, I had a look – Warcraft -German version. No I was not aware of the games series. I plucked the title out of my German Language knowledge. The ‘source of eternity’ is also a good quest for fantasy, I think. Thank you for pointing out the Google search and hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you.

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  6. Maybe he has a happy afterlife… Great atmosphere, poor Mary.

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  7. poor chap, he probably didn’t understand what the sign meant.

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  8. Oooooo now that was unexpected! He certainly got something. Poor Mary now needs to get out of the woods on her own.

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  9. Despite some last minute choking, I’m sure that the last two seconds of his life were blissfully happy.

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  10. Oh, I didn’t anticipate that!

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  11. Oh how I enjoyed reading your story. This gave me a cackle:
    “Her mother’s warning sparked Mary’s thoughts. “He’s a lunatic.” ”
    Your story brought back that crazy dude looking for the lost ark in an Indiana Jones movie. That kind of obsession never ends well…

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  12. I think he found the wrong water source. Mary should have listened to her mother. Great twist, James!

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  13. I don’t know how much happiness he got for the rest of his life, but there wasn’t much time to enjoy it.

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  14. James,
    OOPS! Maybe he should have read the sign first! I can’t help wondering if his girlfriend’s mother wasn’t right. Great story.

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  15. Something lost in translation?

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  16. Oh, I didn’t see that coming – nor did they I guess!

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  17. And that’s what the quest for a mouthful of eternal happiness got him!


  18. Not quite the eternity he had hoped for

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