The Aliens are Here

This week’s picture prompt for Friday Fictioneers adds a sense of modern humour, taking a selfie of a selfie!

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PHOTO PROMPT© Roger Bultot

The Aliens are Here

Something caressed his face as goosebumps erupted along his arms, and a cold air whispered, ‘Martha’.
John looked in the mirror. “Is that really you? I miss you.”
Since Martha passed, his sixth sense alerted him to soft moans and shadows that danced across the mirror. He was not alone.

For goodness’ sake, he was a scientist searching the universe for intelligent beings on other planets. Yet grief warped his imagination towards believing in the paranormal.

What was life without Martha?

Were the aliens observing him and trying to communicate?
He sensed the cactus plant was reporting his every move.

36 responses to “The Aliens are Here

  1. I liked that story. It’s a powerful metaphor for the way grief can overturn even a disciplined, rational person. I like, too, that it’s not over the top; it’s believable.

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  2. It’s well documented that aliens use cacti as listening devices — explains all those tiny prickles that get into your fingers when you handle one. Grief probably transcends worlds, too. Martha is out there somewhere, as is the truth.

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  3. Great take on the prompt. I particularly liked the spy cactus

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  4. A wonderful fusion of sci-fi and enduring loss, think it works well.
    Love the last line ‘the cactus plant was reporting his every move’.

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  5. Oh dear, is his mind going, lost in grief, or something more sinister? I really enjoyed the ambiguity in this one, James.

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  6. I feel he is losing his grip. I hope he can come to terms with it soon.

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  7. It’s only paranoia if it isn’t really happening. Only time will tell what’s going on. Something is!

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  8. Oh, cactus plant. Never trust a cactus plant. Those guys are pricks.

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  9. Grief does strange things to the most stead of people. I hope he comes to grips sooner than later.

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  10. Never trust a cactus. Spies every one.

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  11. Grief does strange things. I think he’ll have to live with the strange until his loss settles. And, he certainly does need to focus on something else. Very well written story, James!

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  12. Dear James,

    It seems grief has eclipsed the scientist’s sense of logic.



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  13. Even science has its limits. An intriguing tale James.

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  14. he needs to get out of that zone for his own sanity.

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  15. Aw, poor guy. Being a scientist doesn’t protect you from complete confusion from grief.

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  16. I thought it was the toaster oven that kept track of us, but that isn’t aliens, it’s the CIA. Perspective (see “Myth” in 50 Word Stories) we are the aliens to the rest of the universe.

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  17. Maybe MarthaWAS an alien

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  18. Yikes. That’s scary indeed! Great take

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