Infidelity of a Goddess

My first motor bike was a Triumph Bantam 125 and my first car was a Ford Anglia 1200cc. Not surprisingly, examples can be found in motor museums all around the UK. The Transport Museum in Glasgow has on display five models of cars that I once owned over the years. The Ford Capri being perhaps one of the most iconic in its time. The only navigation system in use in those days was the AA Road Map which worked a treat.

This week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt stirs the yearning for the open road. More stories here.


Infidelity of a Goddess 

This picture reminds me of my Triumph Bonneville and how Diana, her hair whirling from beneath her helmet, would hold on tight.
I loved this feeling as we raced along the roads in the summer.

We’d stop at the Craven Arms for a Theakston’s Best Bitter beer, and afterwards we’d speed to the coast.
Where, among the dunes, we stared at the moon drifting among the stars.

We planned a journey from York to Paris and across Europe to Berlin.

It never happened; instead she ran off with Charlie on his Harley Davidson.

‘Sorry,’ she said. ‘His is much bigger.’

27 responses to “Infidelity of a Goddess

  1. Ouch!

    Well I have a feeling she probably regrets the choice…
    Great build up for that last line, James

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  2. James,
    Enjoyed this story. You convey persona’s cynicism with just that right amount of humor and sentiment to make the truncated summer’s romance seem almost inevitable.

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  3. Lovely story about youth and freedom, and learning that size does matter ! Great last line.

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  4. That made me laugh out loud. Great images, too.

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  5. That’s biker chicks for ya 🙂

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  6. michael1148humphris

    This made me smile

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  7. At least you can still enjoy a Theakstons!

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  8. Dear James,

    I guess size does matter. That last line had me spewing my coffee. 😉 Good job.



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  9. ah yes, in this particular case size does matter – and maybe name!

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  10. My husband has special memories of his Triumph in England when he was young. You have woven this into a good story. I suspect that although Diana was fictional, you were impressing somebody with your motorcycle. I have no story yet. Been very busy with family matters.

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  11. James, I’m glad my photo brought back memories of riding down the road on a motorcycle. Hoping your story was just fiction. My ex-boyfriend rode a Yamaha and didn’t think much of Harleys.

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  12. Love the last line

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  13. Teehee! Surely it depends on how skilfully you manoeuvre rather than just your size?

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  14. Was on a whale watching boat. The captain said the whale we saw was just a little one. I asked “So size makes a difference?”.

    He said “I hope not”.

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  15. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. 😉

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