The Torment of Mellow Corn

This week’s picture is symbolic of a light from heaven floating above a church steeple. The image made me think of the UK television comedy show ‘Father Ted’. It portrays a shambolic group of priests, and particularly the character, Father Jack, who is a mad alcoholic lunatic.

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The Torment of Mellow Corn

Reverend Jamison obeyed the voice calling him to church. The burning, blinding light confirmed a higher authority was watching. 

His hands trembled as he staggered down the aisle to the pulpit where he found the sacramental wine. He gulped down the liquid, leaving little for the communion. He would mix in some water later.

The voice beckoned, much calmer and calling from the vestry. Where behind the bibles, he snatched a bottle of corn-whiskey and drank; to steady his nerves.

He knelt, ‘Save me, Lord.’ 

Religiously, he sipped the golden Mellow Liquid.

‘The grip of the Devil is tormenting me!’

27 responses to “The Torment of Mellow Corn

  1. I like the way you create the scene : the church, the priest lurching from drink to drink. I feel sorry for him, though wouldn’t explain his fondness for drink as the devil’s work.

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  2. By the sound of it, his prayers are far too late. Great descriptions here.

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  3. Passing the buck. Take some responsibility… The Devil if real, tempts people not makes them.

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  4. Isn’t it funny how often God and The Devil walk side by side? No wonder the poor priest is confused. Good story.

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  5. Like the juxtaposition (and hypocrisy) of the devil driving him to drink . . . in the church! And, I agree, religion can drive you to drink. “The devil made me do it,” is an excuse as old as organized religion.
    I remember Father Ted!

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  6. I find this overwhelmingly sad. I imagine the priest started out with a desire to serve God and his people, but ended by becoming addicted to alcohol. Truly, a fall from grace and from being a benefit to others. Perhaps there should be a change from wine to simple grape juice.

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  7. Alcoholism is a terrible condition. You describe the man’s torments graphically.

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  8. We have another man in remorse – just barely.

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  9. obviously, he needs professional help, the sooner the better.

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  10. It certainly sounds like he needs help. Maybe from a more Earthly source, however.

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  11. “You’ll drink a cup of tea Father, you will, you will, you will”!

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  12. The thought alone of what he gulps down makes me sick. But sure, blaming temptation on the devil, and not oneself is so much easier. I like how you contrast his drinking with his religious behaviour.

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  13. I think he’s about to find that the mellow yellow liquid really isn’t whiskey but something else entirely… need I really identify it. hehe! Great story.

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  14. Methinks he’s hearing too many voices. Perhaps he should seek other guidance…

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  15. The Lord seems to be doing a pretty parcel of tormenting too

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