Lost Empires

Every ruin speaks volumes of history and are monopolised as tourist attractions. What other use can they be, but a reminder of how great civilisations crumbled? But why?

Thanks to Rochelle for selecting this picture prompt.

Although this picture is from somewhere in the Middle East, I have gone for a Roman Empire theme.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Lost Empires

Mary-Anne wondered what the people were like. Were they civil and kind?
Or cruel, with hordes of slaves captured during brutal Empire expansionism?

The Roman Empire split, the West in Mediolanum (Milan),
which became unwieldy and expensive to control, and the East in Constantinople.
The Visigoths and later the Vandals contributed to the fall of the Western Empire.

A blood blister had burst, and Mary-Anne took off her sandal.
The trip around the ruins was hot and laborious, and the tour guide’s descriptions were macabre. 

How thankful that such murderous savagery did not happen nowadays.

Never in our civilised world.

25 responses to “Lost Empires

  1. Never in our civilised world, indeed

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  2. Oh, the irony… well done.

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  3. i have misgivings but hope springs eternal.

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  4. I’d like to think that one day the evil of war will be seen as a thing of the
    past. I fear not though. A timely take indeed James.

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  5. Patricia Clair

    Seems we never learn, and will always manage to leave some place, some country, in ruin.

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  6. Ah, what a bitter end. Civilised world. Who defines that? Hopes dashed, lives destroyed. Nicely done James

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  7. Yes, we’re much more civilised now.

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  8. That last line was brilliant and hard-hitting.

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  9. She spoke too soon… never our world hahaha. Coming to a country near you.


  10. An apt comment on human nature – throughout all of history and into the present. I like the ironic voice of this.

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  11. What bitter irony in that last line. That’s a well-written story, James. Kudos.

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  12. Dear James,

    Did I detect a hint of snark in that last line? Surely not in our civilized world. Well done.



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  13. Denial is more than the name of a river. Mary-Anne has drunk somebody’s kool-aid.

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