Alternative Neighbours

This week on Friday Fictioneers Sandra has given us a view of Corfe Castle, a place that had a role in the English Civil War.

I can only imagine that the effort to heat such a place with wood burning fires in the winter must have been a constant task.

Thank you Rochelle for the prompt and to Sandra for her contribution of the picture.

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Photo prompt by Sandra Crook

Alternative Neighbours

What do you think, Ambrosia?
Oh! Lazarus, you said a castle. Well, it’s­ perfect.
I know, a dilapidated rustic palace.

Uncle Fungus will enjoy the putrid dungeon, with bones left from the Civil War.

What about Drusilla and her Black Widow collection?
There are also fusty caves for Felix’s horseshoe bats.

And the villagers? 

Ah! Cousin Gingivitis will charm them with his Nocturnes concerts.
Yes, and Aunt Verruca’s whiplash parties. How could they resist her Chinese burns?

If only mother was here to see this?
She already has, I dug her up yesterday.
Oh, Lazarus. You think of everything.


32 responses to “Alternative Neighbours

  1. Lovely final lines

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  2. What a clever sense of humor, James. 🙂

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  3. Loved this… Just isn’t a home without momma’s bones.

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  4. Sounds like a wonderful home with enjoyable entertainment!

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  5. That’s quite the family (shudder)!

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  6. Dear James,

    The names are certainly entertaining. I can only imagine what Aunt Gingivitis might look like.




  7. You left me chuckling after reading, James. The names are just right and you have populated the old ruins with panache.

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  8. This is a family I’d love to have as neighbours (compared to the morons I have right now). What a fun story.

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  9. So creative, James! An eccentric ghoulish family for sure. I don’t think I’d want them as neighbors though. 🙂

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  10. Oh my gosh…. now there’s an interestingly creepy family!

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  11. This was terrific fun, James! Love the whole thing.

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  12. Sounds like an event you don’t want to miss. (Tongue in cheek).

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  13. Patricia Clair

    Delightfully dark!!

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  14. This reminds me of the Addams family, wonderfully witty and dark

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