Eco-System Revenge

This week’s Friday-Fictioneers photo-prompt from Trish Nankeville is of wonderful flowers, which I understand are native to Western Australia. My first impression was that they were inside out, as the external stamen give the red bulbs the appearance of pin-cushions. Thank you to Trish for the picture and, as always, thank you Rochelle for bringing such interesting subjects to our attention.

More story contributions are available to read on this link HERE.

PHOTO PROMPT © Trish Nankeville

The Eco-system Revenge

The marauders striped the apples and pears from his garden. They mocked his flowers. Pretty useless, like you old man, and they kicked and stamped on him before they left.

Ceres looked up and saw his bees among the stamen of the Hakea. He smiled. Venerated for his knowledge, he had regenerated an eco-system of life into a dead planet. But his Earth’s wisdom seemed forgotten as a myopic dictator took control of Centauri which retarded into a dystopian panic.

Tomorrow, he will seal his eco-bubbles and order the Mantis to eliminate all humans and grind their bodies for fertiliser.

15 responses to “Eco-System Revenge

  1. A nice personification of ecosystem balance

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  2. Oooo that ending is a killer. Nicely done using the ecology as the catalyst

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  3. He has the right idea!” 😉

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  4. James, I think that’s a wise decision. Maybe he will have better success next try, but it may be a fatal flaw that will keep occurring. Good story and I liked the way you ended it.

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  5. Well, the humans sure haven’t done much for the good of anyone, after all!

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  6. Dear James,

    It’s about time someone did something about humanity and its mishandling of the eco system. Nicely handled.



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  7. Well done, James. All the feeling is there. 🙂

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  8. michael1148humphris

    What deadly image, a warning perhaps

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